How did the name of Delhi come into existence

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There are many arguments and many interesting stories that how did the name of Delhi come into existence? It is said that 50 years ago from Christ, there was a Mauryan king, whose name was Dhillu. They were also called as Dellu. It is believed that from here onwards, the name was changed to Delhi.

The story of Nail

There is another story that how did the name Delhi come into existence. This story is also related to the king Dellu. It is believed that a nail was fixed next to his throne. It was said that this nail has reached to the lower world. The astrologers predicted that until the time it is tacked, the empire will continue. The nail was quite small so the king was suspicious. They grabbed the nail. It was later re-carved, but then it remained loose. Since then, the saying goes that the ‘Killi  to Dhilli Bhayi’. The quote became famous and with the likes of Killi, Dhilli and Dilu became Delhi.

The story of Iron pillar

Iron Pillar, Delhi

Iron Pillar of Mahrauli was constructed by the Chandragupta Vikramaditya

Some historians say that Dhav, a King of Tomar dynasty, had kept the name Dhilli, because the iron pillar inside the fort was loose and it was replaced from there. This Dhilli word later became Delhi.

Dehliwal coins used during Tomar dynasty

Dehliwal Coin, Delhi

Dehliwal Coin of Tomar dynasty, Delhi

One argument is that the coins used during the Tomar dynasty were called as Dehliwal. Due to this, Delhi was named. Some people believe that this city was believed to be India’s threshold one and a half thousand years ago.

The name Dhilli came into existence in Prithviraj Raso

Dhilli’s name became deteriorating in Delhi. In the Hindi composition of ‘Prithviraj Raso’ which is written by the king Prithviraj Chauhan’s royal poet Chandbardi, Tomar Raja Anangpal is said to be the founder of Delhi. The timeline of Delhi started from Tomar Dynasty.

The story of ‘Killi-Delhi’ in the epic of ‘Prithviraj Raso’ is as follows: Raja Anangpal Tomar had an iron pillar in Lalkot. One day the king told in the royal court that the end of the iron pillar is placed on the head of serpent king Sheshnag in the lower world, which has held the earth with his own head. On this, the royal astrologer predicted that until the pillar will stand, the rule of the Tomar dynasty will continue here.

How did the name of Delhi come into existence

The epic of Prithviraj Raso

When King Anangpal Tomar heard this, he became very excited and ordered to immediately uproot that iron pillar. When the pillar was uprooted, there was a blood-like color on its lower end. It was understood that this is the blood of the serpent king Sheshnag, which is due to overthrow the Iron Pillar. King Anangpal Tomar ordered him to put it again. But this iron pillar is loosened when it is re-used. That is why it started saying ‘Dheeli’ which means loose and it got worse by Delhi. This is the reason for the fall of the Tomar dynasty according to Prithviraj Raso epic.

The term ‘Delhi’ or ‘Dillika’ was first used on inscriptions received in Udaipur. The time of this inscription has been set 1170 AD. Maharaj Prithviraj Chauhan is considered as the last Hindu emperor of Delhi.

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