Haunted places of Delhi with historical background

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There are many so many haunted places of Delhi with historical background.

Fateh Burj is a haunted place of Lalkot

Qila Rai Pithora
Dargah Hazrat Sheikh Shahabuddin Ashiq Allah Nazaria Peer

Fateh Burj is a haunted place of Lalkot, which is situated in Sanjay Van. Turning from the tomb of Adam Khan to the right, the gateway of Lalkot is seen, which is called Fateh Burj. If you have courage and adventures, then you go to Mahrauli Idgah, which is also called Ashiq Allah Dargah. This Dargah was built in 1317 by Sultan Qutbuddin Mubarak Shah Khilji. Lalkot’s wall will also be seen when going behind the Dargah. There you will see unknown graves in the hills and rugged paths. 

haunted places

It is said that it is the site of the Jinn and the Jinn can be seen there. If any person recites the prayer for 41 days, he can see the Jinn and talk to them. The Jinn always appear in the night. This area falls in Sanjay forest, which is considered as a deserted and scary forest. 

Sanjay Van, most haunted place of Delhi

Local people have believed that this place is haunted. Anyone who goes here in the night, ghosts make him a victim. In this forest, you can be seen Nilgai (Blue Cow), which is the state animal of Delhi.

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